Clean Off-Grid Solutions

Clean Cooking

Clean energy products that benefits people and the environment.

Clean Energy

Solutions that saves money, time, resources and manual labor.

Clean Water

Turn any water source to clean safe to drink, healthier water.

Who we are

Keilot is an integration platform for Israeli technologies focused on developing countries.

Our hub is in Kenya – Nairobi and we have various show rooms around the country with the strategy to develop into East Africa.

Our solutions focus include : Clean cooking, Water purification, PV solutions  and Agricultural solutions.

We invest in rural areas, small farmers and strive to provide these off grid solutions to as many farmers we can reach.

Keilot installs, implements, trains and markets the technologies to the end users based on the technology applications.

Our method is large field presence with show rooms around the country show casing the technologies, training farmers and organisations, handling the logistics and the on-site installation.

We strive to provide our solutions along with the financial assistance and support through our banks we partner with.

Our technologies are focused on farmers and our MISSION is to reach as many farmers, disconnected communities and institutions across the country

Identification of new demands

Looking for new locations, better solutions and ranges of clientele.

Turnkey Project Management

A holistic approach from location, to installation, training and support.

Energy Sale Programs

We offer different pay-as-you-go programs, including financing.

Environmental Responsibility

With climate change harsh impact on low-income regions, we see great importance in both personal benefits and in environmental benefits. It’s as clear as day – No diesel or LPG needed = Money Saving AND Less carbon emissions.

Clean energy leads to reduced inhaled pollutions and thus better health, for people and the planet. 

It’s Climatech.

Make Profit

Keilot offers it’s clients various programs to continue the process:

  • Become our distributor and earn money by introducing our product to others
  • Start your own business and use our products in order to create additional income.

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