In this phase of technological advancement the world is going green and sustainable development is key.

At Keilot Kenya we have a launched a Schools Program for Experiential Learning in Sustainable Farme Management. Our school program seeks to impart students with the necessary skills to empower them to be holistic leaders.

Daraja Academy Secondary School

Keilot schools program aims to promote sustainable development by combining the aspects of sustainable farm management, innovation, project based learning and training on sustainable development goals.

A studuent from Daraja Primary School

Our mission is to engage the pupils in the way that suits them the best, by developing their skills, helping them navigate in a sea of possibilities.
The program combines the unique aspect of using the home biogas as a green technology to teach innovation through project-based learning and education for sustainable development!

All this is because we believe our children are the seeds of change!

For inquiries contact us: +254114310850 or or visit our showroom at Ananas Centre, Westlands