Water Collector


Collect Clean Water

Hilico is portable and lightweight, rain-harvesting device designed to sustainably provide clean drinking water.

Fresh rain water are clean and safe to drink. Using rain water can prevent waterborne diseases and improve your health. 

Save money on bottled water, no need to boil water. 

The Hilico system is very easy and quick to install. The device weighs 900g and takes 2.5 minutes to install.

Training & Support

KEILOT offers assistance on the micro financing solutions. We are able to assist you with securing loans from 6 months to 24 months escorting you through your screening process to the time you sign the contract with the MFI.
We are offering a one stop shop solution.

  • Assisting you with the financing process
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Professional Installation

Our trained team will arrive on location to install your product in the best format.

Funding Options

Trusted by leading banks in Kenya, we offer a variety of funding tracks.

Training & Support

Post-sale services to make sure our costumers get the most out of their purchase.

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