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The Nufiltration is a compact water treatment systems that brings a new revolutionary way to filter and sanitize water in a “plug-and-play” modular mode.

The technology is based on a worldwide patent in water treatment. Ultra-filtration filters at 3.3nm nominal filtration rate. Any water source or lake water (*except saltwater and chemicals such as near mines) can be treated to purify most pathogens, parasites, bacteria, suspended solids, most of the organic matters and most viruses.

Nufiltration uses an excellent and almost unbeatable membrane surface which was originally designed, manufactured and tested according to the strictest medical standards.

Nufiltration Autonomous units are activated by hand-pumps (up to 0.5 m3/hr capacity) – no electricity needed.

NUF 250 Liters / hour price KSH. 200,000/- incl. VAT
NUF 500 Liters / hour price KSH. 250,000/- incl. VAT

Professional Installation

Our trained team will arrive on location to install your product in the best format.

Funding Options

Trusted by leading banks in Kenya, we offer a variety of funding tracks.

Training & Support

Post-sale services to make sure our costumers get the most out of their purchase.

Improve your life

  • No need for energy to operate and purify the water
  • Can become an economic business for a community through microfinance
  • Systems were proved successful and purchased by the World Health
  • Life-saving systems with the direct impact an public health: The savings are tremendous when considering the impact of contaminated water on pregnancies, proper child development, local workforces and families’ health, etc.
  • Power free device
  • The capacity of 250 plus liters per hour
  •  Approved by WHO(world health org)
  • Converts any water to high-level drinking water
  • Improves productivity
Man drinking clean water from Nufiltration

Financing (MFI)

KEILOT offers assistance on the micro financing solutions. We are able to assist you with securing loans from 6 months to 24 months escorting you through your screening process to the time you sign the contract with the MFI.
We are offering a one stop shop solution.

  • Assisting you with the financing process
  • Installation of the equipment
  • Training on the equipment operations
  • Support and consultation
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